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1 Kg mustard greens washed and finely chopped (Sarson)
250 gms spinach washed and finely chopped
2 fresh: Shalgam (turnips) (peeled and chopped (optional)
2-3 green chillies
2-3 spring onions
1 tbsp grated ginger (or paste)
1 tbsp grated garlic (or paste)
Salt to taste
Chilli powder to taste
½ tsp Turmeric powder
2-3 tbsps ghee (clarified butter)
1 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp garam masala powder
2 -3 tbsp gram flour/ maize flour (Makki ka atta)


  • Mix the greens, green chillies, shalgam and salt to taste and boil in 1 cup of water in a pressure cooker till cooked (approximately 2-3 whistle).
  • Mash the greens mix well to make a course paste (You may use a blender).
  • While making this course paste add gram flour / maize flour little by little till it is mixed well.
  • In another pan, heat ghee / oil on a medium flame. When hot add spring onion, ginger and garlic and fry till pale golden or till oil separates from the masala (onion-ginger-garlic mix).
  • Add turmeric powder and stir for 1 min
  • Add the greens mix to this and chilli, garam masala and stir till blended.
  • Garnish with a dollop of butter / ghee and serve with makki ke roti / rice or chapatti.


1 Tbsp Oil
2 Tbsp fresh garlic, finely chopped
1 Tbsp fresh ginger, finely chopped
1 green chilli, finely chopped
2 Cups spring onions, finely chopped, set aside white & green separately
5 Cups Vegetable stock/water
2 Cups mixed vegetables (carrot, mushrooms, capsicum, Peas, french beans, cauliflower, Brocolli, beetroot, Corn & cabbage), finely chopped
1 Tbsp soya sauce
1 Tbsp red chilli sauce/ OR Tomato ketchup & avoid adding sugar
1/4tsp sugar if using red chilli sauce
2 Tbsp cornflour (thickening agent)
1 Tbsp vinegar/ fresh lemon juice
1/2 Cup coriander, chopped
2 pinches of black pepper powder
Noodles can also be added, just boil it, deep fry when cold. (optional)
Salt to taste


1. Heat oil in a pot. Add ginger, garlic, green chilli and spring onion the whites & black pepper powder for approximately 2 mins.
2. Add vegetables then the stock/water, now add salt and bring to a boil. Add soya sauce, chilli sauce, sugar, and simmer for 4-5 mins.
3. In a cup mix cornflour in 2-3tbs water mix it well, avoid any lumps, now add this mixture to soup. Let it cook until it gets slightly thick.
4. Remove from flame, now add vinegar and garnish with spring onion greens, fried noodles and serve hot with chinese rice or noodles

Note: Soup should be prepared just before consuming and should be served fresh; else it will lose its taste.


2 tbsp Chili Sauce
11/2 tbsp Corn Flour / Corn Starch
1 tbsp Soya Sauce
2 tbsp Vinegar
2 tbsp Capsicum Chopped
2 tbsp Spring Onions Chopped
2 tbsp Tomato Sauce
2 tbsp Carrots Chopped or grated
1/4 cup Chopped Cabbage – Chopped finely
1 tsp Black Pepper Powder
1-1/2 tsp fresh grated Ginger
1/2 tsp Sugar (optional)
A pinch ajinomoto (optional)
Salt to taste
1/4 cup soft tofu or paneer – cut into small cubes (optional)
4 cups Water


  • Mix 4 cups of water, chili sauce, soya sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt, ginger, pepper powder and ajinomoto and bring to boil.
  • Now add all the chopped vegetables into the soup except paneer .
  • Cook for a minute on medium heat.
  • Dissolve corn starch in 1/2 cup water and add to the soup stirring constantly till it becomes thick.
  • Cook for a minute, remove from flame.
  • Add paneer slices. Serve hot .

Note: Soup should be prepared just before consuming and should be served fresh, else it will lose the taste. You may prepare the stock and keep, but boil it again and add the veggies before serving it, else you won’t enjoy the same taste! You can also throw in peas, baby corn or other veggies of your choice.


Rice: 1 cup
Cabbage: 1 cup
Onion: 1 finely chopped in length
Carrot: 1 no finely chopped
Chilli sauce: 1 Tsp
French Beans: 6-7 finely chopped
Oil : 1 Tsp
Soya Sauce: ½ Tsp
Spring Onions: 1 bunch finely chopped
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Green Chillies 2-3 finely chopped
Corriander: Finely chopped


  • Boil rice till each grain is separate and almost done.
  • Drain. Cool in a plate.
  • Heat oil in a wok or pan, add vegetables, except spring onions.
  • Stir fry till crisp, add spring onions, salt and sauces.
  • Mix well and pour over the rice.
  • Mix the rice and vegatables gently, till evenly coated.
  • Adjust sauces and salt as per taste.
  • Just before serving heat very well. Either heat in oven or microwave.
  • Sprinkle coriander leaves
  • Serve hot.

Egg or vegetable Noodles: 250 gms
Carrot: 1 no.
Cabbage: 1 cup
Capsicum: 1 no.
Onion: 1 no.
Spring Onions: 8 – 10 shoots
Garlic: 1 tbsp chopped
Ginger: 1 tbsp chopped
Green or red chillies: 2 – 3
1-2 fresh tomatoes / 1 tbsp of tomato sauce
5-6 french beans
Salt to taste
Ajinomoto: ½ tbsp.(Optional)
Soya Sauce: 1 tbsp.
Vinegar: 1 tbsp.
Black Pepper powder to taste
Oil: 2 tbsp.
1 tbsp red chilli flakes


  • Boil 4-5 cups of water with salt
  • Add the noodles and boil till cooked.
  • Strain and pass through cold water several times.
  • Drain and set aside for 20-30 minutes till the noodles become dry.
  • Shred all the vegetables.
  • Heat oil in a separate pan.
  • Add Onions and spring onions first and stir fry.
  • Add ginger, garlic, green or red chillies and stir fry till light brown
  • Add tomatoes and stir till they become soft and oil separates
  • Next add the vegetables and fry till half done. (You may also boil the vegetables along with noodles). The cooked vegetables should remain crisp.
  • Add ajinomoto (Optional)
  • Add salt, pepper powder and the cooked noodles and mix well.
  • Add vinegar and soya sauce to the noodles and mix well. Serve hot

Planned trips — Not for us !!

What will you do if you have been planning for a few weeks for an adventure trip on to the mountains over a long weekend and phew it gets cancelled last minute…Thanks to the rain Gods…they decided to play the trick and made sure that the long weekend is forced to be spent indoors and that your planning goes for a toss…

For few people like us for whom planning ends up in such disasters…the better or I must say the best option is to conduct excursions rather unplanned… because planning is not made for us or we are not made for planning …whatever way one wants to look at it…it screams the same thing…

Mountains to Pizza

So we were not left with too many options…option 1 was to sit and curse my partner… and eat his/ her head that we should go inspite of all odds…option 2 was curse the rain Gods and option 3 was to spend time doing something constructive and experimental cooking… (And believe me other than hot pakodas hot and yummy Pizza is also a good option in the wet and wild weather…)

So we decided to take up option 3 and then after exploring google for few minutes or may be few hours; decides to make a home made Pizza…and so motivated we were that in that rain struck day we went to get our most vital ingredients to make our first Pizza… Though we also took a break …went out to have  a good evening… watched ‘Wake up Sid’ but that was a blessing in disguise for the Pizza dough because it got more time to ferment and resulted in a better end product – THE PIZZA….

Making of the Pizza

So, without any further delay lets take you to the procedure and ingredients for making Pizza…

Ingredients Required (For Dough)

  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 3 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour (Maida)
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of yeast

12 steps to Home made pizza!!

  1. Put warm water in a bowl and add salt, honey and yeast and keep it aside for 10 minutes
  2. Add this gradually in flour and olive oil and mix well.
  3. Knead it well till it becomes a soft dough
  4. If it cracks, your dough is too hard; and if it feels like a batter its too soft. If it is too hard then add water and if it is too soft add more flour little by little till it becomes soft
  5. Brush olive oil on the dough and cover it with clean film and set it aside for an hour. Till it doubles the original size
  6. Then push down the dough by kneeding and keep it aside for another 1 hour. Refrigerate it in case you do not want to use it the same day.
  7. With this dough you can make 4 medium sized Pizza base.
  8. Put the dough on a lightly floured surface, put a bit of flour on top and make it into the shape of a pie by stretching it out from the center outwards. Punch some holes in the dough with a fork to let the air escape while the pizza is in the oven
  9. Preheat the oven at 210 degree C and in the meantime top the pizza with the toppings of your choice (We have not mentioned the toppings because that’s your choice what you want to put on toppings…. We added capsicum, carrot, peas, cauliflower, spinach, spring onions, onions, tomatoes, corn, mushrooms, cheese, chillies etc etc…you take your own pick
  10. Grease the baking pan well before putting the pizza base in the baking dish.
  11. Before putting the Pizza in oven,,,do not forget to put salt, pepper, chilli powder on the topping to taste
  12. Place the Pizza in the oven and bake for 20-25 min…or till the time the corner of the Pizza do not become light brown or the cheese does not melt.

Happy Pizza making!!! I am sure you will enjoy making Pizza as much as we did and also get excited while it gets baked in the oven and the aroma fills your nostrils 🙂

making of Pizza!
Click to see making of the Pizza!

Now Thanks to my better half Bhavna for all the hard work  in making Pizza and then jotting this post down. Check out behind the scenes from making of Pizza

Before we actually start our journey of taste, read what this is all about

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